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Sous-projet phare "Optique à petit nombre de photons"

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Projets phares

1. Quantum and spin-based nanoelectronics (Frédéric NGUYEN VAN DAU)
2. Nano-drugs for severe diseases (Patrick COUVREUR)
3. Nanophotonics : Nano-objects for energy control (Jean-Jacques GREFFET)
                                              Bureau = Jean-Jacques GREFFET + Keitaro NAKATANI - 3 animateurs sous-projets
        3.1 Few photon optics (Paul VOISIN)
            3.1.1 Ultimate non-linearities (Sébastien SAUVAGE)
                                              + Alfredo DEROSSI - Sylvain COMBRIÉ
                                              + Alberto AMO - Loïc LANCO - Jacqueline BLOCH
                                              + Emanuelle DELEPORTE
                                              + Philippe BOUCAUD - Xavier CHECOURY - Moustafa EL KURDI
            3.1.2 Nanosources (Jean-Pierre HERMIER)
                                              + Thierry GACOIN - Philippe BERGONZO - François TREUSSART
                                              + Pascale SENELLART
                                              + Jean-Sébastien LAURET, Annick LOISEAU

            3.1.3 Nanowires(Jean-Christophe HARMAND)
                                              + Jean-Christophe HARMAND - Maria TCHERNYCHEVA - Gilles PATRIARCHE
                                              + Mathieu KOCIAK - Frank GLAS - Paul VOISIN - Abderrahim RAMDANE
                                              + Pere ROCA I CABARROCAS

        3.2 Nano-object optical manipulation (Fabrice CHARRA)
            3.2.1 Volume object displacement (Céline FIORINI)
                                              + C. REYNAUD - Serge PALACIN - Anne DÉBARRE
            3.2.2 Guided nano-objects on a substrate (Robert KUSZELEWICZ)
                                              + Ariel LEVENSON - Jacques PERETTI - A. BLEUZEN
            3.2.3 Single molecule displacement (Gérald DUJARDIN)
                                              + Keitaro NAKATANI - Fabrice CHARRA

        3.3 Plasmonics (Riad HAIDAR)
            3.3.1 Quantum plasmonics (F. MARQUIER)
                                              + Philippe LALANNE - Jacques GIERAK
            3.3.2 Plasmon generation and amplitication (Raffaele COLOMBELLI)
                                              + A. BOUSSEKSOU - Laurent VIVIEN - Nicolas IZARD - Henri BENISTY - Raffaele COLOMBELLI
            3.3.3 Plasmonic resonators (Stéphane COLLIN, Odile STEPHAN)
                                              + Riad HAIDAR - M. CANVA
                                              + André DE LUSTRAC - Aloyse DEGIRON - Anatole LUPU
                                              + Jean-Jacques GREFFET


The project conjugates a substantial effort on crystal growth and characterization of semiconductor nanowires and activities to develop nanowire-based photonic devices.
A short-term objective is the demonstration of a single photon emitter formed by a quantum dot inserted in a nanowire, with size and morphology optimized for efficient light extraction.
Another important activity is to grow III-V nanowires on Si and thus realize the integration of optically active materials of excellent quality on Si platforms. One particular objective is to couple a nanowire array to a SOI planar waveguide and to demonstrate efficient optical functions on this substrate.
We will also aim at developing low-cost and high efficiency solar cells based on nanowires. The use of nanowire arrays has several potential advanges: their light trapping capability, their possible integration on cheap substrate (including amorphous substrates, glass for instance), a significant reduction of the active material quantity .
Nanowire-based biological sensors represent another application to be investigated.


Participants :


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